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Save Nubian legacy by learning its language, culture and history.

Nubia is the cradle of civilization


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Your support and contributions to Nubia Project will enable us to protect Nubian land from destruction by dams and cultural cleansing and Arabization. Your generous donation will fund our mission and rescue Nubia.

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Nubian (Nobiin) Language and Grammar Book 1

· Rescue Nubia, one of the oldest world civilizations and one of the most peaceful and safest communities in the world according to the UN records is facing destruction by dams, cultural cleansing, marginalization, isolation and relocation. 

· Preserve Nubian culture and heritage and draw the world's attention to protect Nubian Heritage and archaeological sites. 

· Nubian lands in Sudan and Egypt are sold to rich Arabs, Turkey, China and refugees from Syria, Rohingya, Kuwaiti Bedoons and militant Islamists from Egypt and different parts of the world i.e. ISIS and radical Arabs and Islamists are welcomed by the Islamist regime in Sudan to settle and change the demographic structure by displacing Nubians and other African indigenous people are displace from their ancestral lands.

Nubia, the forgotten land of beauty
Vandalized huge statue abandoned for centuries in Nubia.

Nubian Language is not recognized in Egypt and Sudan!

       How can you help to bring this written and spoken language by millions of  Nubians to life and educate Nubian children their mother tongue? You can help Nubia to recover from destruction and cultural cleansing by participating in our campaigns and events or donating to Nubia Project to urge the international community to exert necessary pressures on  governments of Sudan and Egypt to respect the Nubian rights in preserving their heritage, traditions and culture and recognize their spoken and written language as an official language on equal footing with the Arabic language.

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Babour Kusona.. Home sickness song to Nubia

Babour Kusona
This song, lyrics of the famous Nubian poet Dr. Mustafa Abdelgadir and sung by the young Nubian singer Ghazi Saeed is one of the most nostalgic and impressive Nubian songs about the Nubian exodus in 1964 following the construction of the destructive High Dam of Egypt. All Nubians cry when they listen to this sad song. It can be a beautiful background for a Nubian documentary about the sufferings of Nubians who are threatened by dangers of 

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